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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  December 7, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EST

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. it is 6:00, the mild may not, it seems, we are watching the wet roads and we have more from marttroke weather. >> the radar, heavier rain, it
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will probably take you longer to get to work or school. take extra time and look at the bright colors. that is the heavy rain and it is spreading up and it is in baltimore now and will push up to bellaire and that will continue in the next 15 minutes and to the east, heavy rain, same thing. a bit of a break heading in, but out west, some heavy rain and that is pushing up to pennsylvania, but there is more where that came from. in the temperatures, that is what we have, dropping several degrees, but it is still 61 outside, you have to note that 37 in oakland. it is warm and wet outside this morning as we head into the afternoon, the temperatures will be falling and by this evening, looking at the temperatures in the 40s, but we will see the transition from west to east over the state of rain to snow before this storm is over. we have that winter weather
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advisory and the flood watch and we will have more coming up. >> the rush fa -- is now. the rain is no question about it effecting the morning drive. more problems, a new one on 97 north bound and one that is a delay there. an accident in the city on wilson avenue, that is over on west four, on win road at philadelphia road and that then in the city, the police activity in west baltimore with the south m.l.k. and lexington is the best bet there. 49 miles per hour on the beltway. there is a look at the west side. you will see the brake lights there and the rain on the roads. there is a look at the east side, north of the avenue. there is w z j, log onto w z
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coming up. the guilty verdict for the man that ran the governor's last political campaign and what is next for him? we have more from outside the courthouse. >> good morning, everybody. the jury is saying that they like the defendant, but the evidence has shown he was guilty on all counts. >> he did not make a statement after being found guilty of four counts of election call. the call to tell people to relax was not legal. >> the question of the vote or confusion to suppress the vote is a very big problem because our country is founded on the right to vote. >> it was a last minute, the other campaign was losing and we dropped back and took the punt and did not do that well. >> the attorney said that it was free speech. >> regulation or attempt for the state to regulate the
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content of free speech is unconstitutional. >> the call is said to have went way over the line accord to go the prosecution. >> it was not just a dirty trick, it was against the law and we will enforce that. >> he is facing 12 years in prison, but probably will get probation. >> his attorney said they will appeal. jack johnson got over seven years in federal prison yesterday after being convicted of extorting hundreds of thousands in bribes while he was in office. he will report to prison on february 3rd. there was an incident with friendly firing here after a police officer accidently shot a police officer in the arm and he opened fire, thinking he was being shot at by a person he could not see hiding behind a wall, not another task force member. >> we are looking into this,
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looking at the evidence, but that is what we have right now as far as information. >> the task force was looking into a drug bust when the first gun discharged. halliburton will defend itself over allegations by bp over the gulf oil explosion and oil spill. bp said that halliburton destroyed evidence on the contenttroke tent of concrete. halliburton said that this is meter itless. forced to strip, even reveal personal medical equipment, three elderly women said it happen to them at the same airport. >> three women, all over 60 and all with medical histories and all humiliated as they traveled at j.f.k. last weekend.
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>> i never heard of a person's pants or under wear taken off. >> the claims from the three women that they were strip searched are not stunning. >> they could be more to that story. >> these all happen understand the same day, two women on the same flight and they have came forward with claims of having to take off their pants to have their medical apparatus examined. >> she said to pull down my pants. i could not believe it. >> the tsa said that passengers with a urine bag will not be required to expose them for inspections and that the passengers should not have to be asked to lift or show any sensitive part of the body, and that seems to have been
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violated. when the agents saw what type of bag it was, they backed off. >> they followed standard operating procedures and their activities were on tape. >> we were told that there are no cameras in the private screening rooms, but tsa is looking into the allegation gls and actor al e c bald win was kicked off a plane when he boot get off his video game. he said he would never fly american again, but he did board another flight and got to new york. and being sworn in for the first elected term for the mayor here? >> we believe that baltimore -- (inaudible). >> we have a problem with that
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one. she said that the goals will be accomplishd with ideas that are tough and can create. in ports, crunching the numbers, it is said to be possible for the steelers to get a playoff berth, but not the ravens, even with the ravens having a better record. there are some situations where the steelers could get a post season spot because they won more games in the conference. ravens are 16 and a half point favorites. we will have the attention at 1:00 and that will be right here on wjz, 13.
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. watching the game last week on cbs, if he we won the game last week, we would be close to pushing the steelers out, i'm not sure about this math. >> they will take care of it. it will not be an issue. >> i like that. we are playing with the teams we should be able to beat pretty easy. (laughs). we will have to look at that deeper. >> we will see that it is taken care of. simple. >> i like the attitude. ten minutes after 6:00, taking a ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. happy hole takes, this is rain, widespread since we went on at 5:00 today. notice the yellows south of 95, that is the heavy amounts of rain, but even south of there, there is more that will continue to move our way. there is a look at came bridge, seeing that it is part of rain. all of this will push to the northeast and with this rain, it is warm outside. in the 60s this morning in baltimore. looking off to the west, 37 and in oakland, before that, the air is coming in and there is more where that came from and the temperatures are dropping and there is a storm to deal with and then the rain will change to snow and because of
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that winder weather advisery in effect for most of the state. we have also had the flood watch in the afternoon. to the west, the winter storm warning for the day and in garrett county, it will change over there early than the rest of the state. there is a look at this coming together. we have the storm drapped up and down the country and there are several part attention of that and that will move by tonight and in the morning hours tomorrow, it will pull in the warmer air and that rain will turn to snow. when we look closer, in the pink, it is mainly go can to be a rainy vent, but over here, it will change over overnight and we will see a small build up possible. to the north west of there, the amounts will go up and heading to pennsylvania and to the west. this amount could go up in the central part of pennsylvania. we will see that bull's eye zone to the north and west and then it will move out of here
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early tomorrow. we will be rid of that storm by the afternoon and the temperatures will really take a hit and more so over the weekend. we have already hit 62 and the temperatures will fall in the afternoon. it will go down to 32 and that will change over to snow. this will move out tomorrow and we are back at 46, that is eight for the high. below average heading into tomorrow and most of the forecast is close to or below average with the high in the 40s and overnight in the 40s. >> continuing this morning for you that drove home from work in the rain last night, you will drive to work in the rain. here is more from traffic control. >> that drive is causing a problem in the rain. several accidents, the last one on the east side of the beltway, on the outside loop, another accident on 97 north bound, watch for an accident in
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the city, that is at hamilton and golden ring, an accident clearing up. police activity is blocking traffic at m.l.k. and the speeds are slowing down on the top and west side. a live look outside, there is the rain and delay in that shot at the east side north of the avenue. this is brought to you by your toyota dealer. visit and see why now is the time to make the jump. >> 16.5 after the hour. we are trying to set up the people are talking live segment and have some catching up to do and we have more on that goal for the first elected inauguration as mayor. >> to grow baltimore, the mayor
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wants to see 10,000 families move to the city in the next ten years. >> our number one goal in the next ten years is to grow baltimore and have stronger neighborhoods and attract new people. >> the city leadership, the citizens going to the party tuesday night at the hilton downtown. >> we will work together with the controllers and if the city fails, we all will fail. this is a lofty goal, but it can be done. >> i think that she is right to focus on the basics. focusing on the public education. >> a john hopkins political science major said that this was an opportunity of able to
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speak long and hard about the issue of being equal equal. >> even with this, baltimore still a budget deficit of about $60 million. >> the mayor said that the goals could be accomplish $9 with tough and creative goals. the finalist for the national coach of the year, that after an amazing turn around after the tigers won only one game hast year. they got the national playoff berth for the first time in 25 years this season. 32 schools around the country have won health care programs and some raven stars helped with those awards. >> the students at this school
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screaming their heads off for rice, he turned his attention to the students, he gave them a 10,000-dollar grant. >> what is it like to work with the kids? >> amazing. to see the smiles on their faces. >> he got active with the students and williams did exercising with the children and the other got the kids running. gests -- >> it is amazing how much they peers. >> this is after the nfl players were asked to speak to students to see if they could get one and a half hours a day. >> the school gave a big branch, but they gave back, they donate to do ray rice's
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charity. >> then procter and gamble honored a local parent to help support the athletic department. to find out that we won and to see this happen, it is amazing. awesome! >> they won a contest on the raven pride answers. >> it is only tuesday, but i think only a few not wearing purple. >> a lot of screaming, really excited. >> did you see that surprise package that said don't open, the super bowl is inside. think about that being at your school day. >> exciting and cool! >> fun stuff! they did some drills, too. cool! >> that is the point.
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you want to play, 60 minutes per day. >> i understand that, i try to do that myself. the weather for today, heavy rain out there now for the morning drive. that is heading into the evening drive. that will change to snow and we will have more on that. we will continue to update you. >> here is when the ravens will play when the colts come to town. we will be right back. ,,
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. heavy rain coming down through the state. one area of the east shore, even over in bellaire, that rain is picking up. of the to the north, the central parts, heavy rain and south of washington d.c., notice the bright colors and there is more where that came from. to the west, heavy rain continuing to push to pennsylvania, but a solid sheet of rain for western parts of maryland. the temperatures, it is really warm out there and out west, that colder air is on the way
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over the state. in the evening and overnight hours, we will see the rain changing over to snow in many areas because of that colder air and we have some watches and warnings and notice the blue, that is a winter storm warning. there is the flood watch today, but under that, the weather advisery overnight and by tomorrow, that will be out of here, but in that zone, the rain to snow change over and here is what we expect on the maps. most of the metro area is about a trace of an inch, up to the western part of the state feeting more snow. the southern parts will mainly be a rainy vent. we will have that change over as this moves out of here tomorrow and the big change for the rest of the forecast. >> thank you. excited about the chance of snow, i'm not excitetroke
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sighted. next up, on wjz? >> in washington, a new cbs news poll said that newt gingrich is the one to beat in iowa. good morning. you will see on all counts, coming up, we will have more on the telephone call trial. the u.s. s arizona survivors tell their story on the 70th anniversary of the invasion. more from traffic control, a busy morning on the roads, the rain is not helping things. going down the list of things, but right now over to weather. >> heavy rain, the chance of snow, more coming up after this break. >> the holidays are here. a a new version of p-90, the x two. more from the program that he
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said will be really improved. more on the morning news after this -- ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. a warm start for this wednesday, but it is not going to stay warm. >> it is december, you can expect that the temperatures will go back down, but putting the radar in motion, it is in the form of rain now. heavy rain as this entire storm is spreading its way over maryland. the team colors, the oranges, spreading over to the east shore, back to washington d.c., another area is picking up to columbia and moving towards balleted more county. more where that came from. the temperatures are 61, falling in the afternoon and you you will see the sipe toss the west, that is 37 in oakland
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and the colder air is not that far off. >> today, we will have rain, the flood watch in effect. in the evening and overnight, that will change over to the snow before the storm is finished. to the west, that will happen earlier. we have the flood watch in effect and the winter weather advisory this evening and to the west, a warning. a lot is happening here, more coming up shortly. >> the chance is good that you will have the heavy rain. >> good morning. because of the rain, we saw the early delays this morning. plenty of accidents and one is working on the east side of the beltway at merit and east boulevard. an accident on the city boulevard and that is in southern maryland. the police activity in the city, west baltimore street is
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closed because of that. take lexington as the alternate route. at # 95 and 95, there is a look at that delay, backing down there on the outside loop and there is a live look outside at 295 getting busy there. get more for your money at toyota. back to you. the top of the news in this half hour, the former campaign manager for the governor could be heading to prison after he was found guilty in those phone calls to discourage people from voting -- it took the jury about five hours to come to an agreement on all four counts. >> he was not found guilty on the election fraud and the call to tell people to relax was not
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legal. -- suppressing the vote or confusion to suppress the vote is a big problem because that is what our country is founded on, the ability for the individuals to vote. >> he is a nice guy, but they can do wrong things, too. >> the intent for the state to regulate the content of political speech is not constitutional. it is a simple argument. >> the prosecution said that the call went way over the line. >> it is not just dirty tricks, it is against the law and we will uphold that. >> thank you. coming up, the jury will sentence in february and his attorneys will plan to appeal before then -- the illinois above will make his own plea to the judge before he sentenced
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for trying to sell the president's former position. he could get 12 years behind bars. a girl told detectives she was attacked in a school's bath room. the boy is charged with three sexual assault counts this morning and has been released back to the custody of a relative. an accident downtown, a bus collided with an e.m.s. bus. the injuries are said to not be life threatening. one man is starting to benefit and another is suffering. >> here is more from wjz --
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mitt romney is trying to catch up to newt gingrich. he has a double-dig lead in iowa. >> this election will be a fundamental choice about what path america will take in this century. >> today he will join others in washington for the republican jewish conference and argue that he is the best cab dit to beat newt gingrich. >> yesterday the president laid out his case to be reelected. >> we are better off when people are set to play pie their own rules. i'm here to say that they are wrong. >> the president said that the republicans is the reason for the gap between rich and moor. the republicans fired back and said that the speech was another attempt to distract
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when the policies in washington failed. the caucus will be on tuesday, january 3rd in iowa. the christmas tree is lighting up one end of the east side of the white house. it went out for a bit, but came back on. we need to see your pictures and then you can look for them as part of a slide show sponsored by new valley nurseries -- the flags in maryland will nie at half staff to mark the 70th anniversary. we will have more from wjz on that. >> the survivors got a hero's
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welcome. here to celebrate the 70th anniversary of pearl harbor. he was a fresh-faced sailor on the ship, but he could not do much with the bombs and then the arizona exploded. >> the ball of fire went about 00 feet in the air. i was burned over 60% of my body. it has been a long time, rest in peace, ship mates. >> over 1100 men were killed, many buried below this memorial. only 35 are known to be survived from the u.s. s arizona, others survived, but more and more are moving away. and as far as another sailor
6:38 am
that died this year, buried under the water. now this is an important part of the an verse tea. >> he was 19, just like me when he came here. it took a year for the wounds to heal, but he heeld up for a year and then re-enlistd to go back in. >> that will not be something he will forget. >> the organizers said that this could be one of the last gathers of the survivors in hawaii because there are so few of them and there is so much rennovations for that. >> the john as ton theater was renamed over the weekend. he has been here since 2001 teaching and he is a former
6:39 am
student himself. seven more players on the baltimore hall of fame. that ceremony was held last night. that has those honored. in college football, a great tradition is continuing the woke end, don't miss the 112th army navy game live right here on wjz. we have found our people are talking about some thinkings. in the holiday fundraiser for the symphony? >> you found us. we were here at the park, the first entrance, not the second. what it is, there is a mansion house here, it is empty, all but this corner and everything
6:40 am
is coming from today and tomorrow. the cool thing, it will be filled with christmas decorations and this is the patient guest. what will we do here? >> this is a fundraiser for the baltimore symphony and it is so shifted around, we put on these fundraisers to help with the education programs of the symphony. we have a three-level activity going on. on this level, democrat- traditions and then many of those will be produced by gardens and therapeutic center. they are wonderful partners and do great work and provide a lot of material. >> how do you make money?
6:41 am
>> people are admitted free and we make the money by people buying what is for sale. you could help make something or buy something. on the upper level, shopping for children four to ten and those that remember the old secret santa shop, we will provide something similar to that and the children will be able to pick their packages and presents and we will gift wrap them and the bottom level will have a shop. we are at the park, the way that is working, you go over the bridge road and there is a white fence and a sign and you take the first one and you go left and take the first left. there will be signs out and you know if you go to the closed restaurant you went too far, come on back. signs will be out. >> friday, saturday and sunday from 10:00 to 4:00. >> taking it back to you on television hill.
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>> thank you. in the summertime, never in the wintertime. up next on coffee with, more on the new game box and it could help you in the holiday. traffic, and it is raining here and we will have more on that after this -- ,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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here is the warm start to the day, the colors that are heavy, on the east shore, another area going by columbia and by baltimore county and more of that, the temperatures with a warm rain at this point. that will be changing. switching back over, what is happening to the west, 37 in oakland and we will see the temperatures falling today and
6:46 am
that is the reason for the winter storm warning for the county today. for the rest of the area, the winter weather advisory, that will be this evening and you will see the green on top of that, the flood watch in the afternoon and we will deal with that first before the winter weather advisery. that is reason for that one on top of everything else. here is the second part of that and it will come in overnight and that is the reason why you see the change over with the second part of the storm and that will connect with the colder air and pull it in and that will change over to the snow. as far as amounts, this is what we expect, some small accumulation, the more to the south you go, the less you see. to the north and west, you will see more and to the west, you will see most of the
6:47 am
accumulation. that will move out and the temperatures will take a rest for the rest of the five days. it is warm, but wet outside. heavy amounts of rain and 62, we have hit that and the temperatures will fall in the afternoon. the rain will mix and change to snow. there will be a window with this is possible and that storm will move out and in the afternoon, the sunshine will breakthrough and 40 for the rest of the forecast, the overnight lows, down to the 20s. >> thank you. straight over to traffic. >> good morning. busy out there, a pedestrian involved in that accident. another one on the inside loop, to the ramp, watch for that accident mtroke -- in the city and the police activity is blocking off west baltimore at m.l.k. and there is the delay, that is
6:48 am
over to the beltway. big delays, that is the average on the west side. there is a live look. test drive and drive the new came re. >> she looks so much like christmas in that red. >> our next guest is here on coffee with. >> welcome to the morning show, a huge round of applause for you. i like that. what is happening, man? >> we are doing the media tour, talking about the p-90 x and
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trying to save the world. >> the cool thing is that we learn add lot in the last years and in that time, i learned about how to get people stronger and fitter. >> for those that are not familiar with this, before you get to the upgrade, tell us about the program. >> many people think about weight loss and the numbers on the scale and what is happening with the size dress they are wearing or the waist numbers and things like that or using food from a box to lose weight, i want to solve this health care crisis and that will come with regular exercise and food and i was on a flight going to an event and the pilot said that i was the tiers to make
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hard exercise fun. i was a young athlete that was picked last on every team but dodge ball. what is up with that? (laughs). i did not have good coaches. you performed or you did not play. you know? many people feel like they are playing catch up. i created this program, it is extreme and people in the nfl and hockey league using it and i go to home shopping and grandmothers use it. there is something extreme and something moderate. i will give you a break and sometimes i am funny, but you know what i mean? i make it fun. it is hard enough to exercise, why treat it like it is so important? that is the reason for it being sold, millions and millions of copies, more than we every
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thought. >> let's look at this, this is interesting, i exercise. we are free in the afternoon and this will keep you out of a bar and movie and jail, why would there be a concern if someone wanted to be fat and happy and live a nice life, this is making me crazy, all that inter forecast answer, if someone is happy, be happy. >> you know what, i met people that have done p-90 x, they were obese, one friend weighed 270 and he lost 180-pounds and you get into this and people that are really over weight, they are faking it, he said the
6:52 am
same thing, you have to put on the happy face because you know people are looking at you and the fact of the matter was that he put on a happy face, but when he could not get up a flight of stairs, nothing happy about that. i understand, i don't expect people to do p-90 x, there are the ten-minute trainer, but after doing this for 30 years, you work out hard, you always feel better after a work ut. you never feel worse, your sleep goes up, your energy goes up. you feel great! >> that without a heart attack! (laughs). our time has ran short. next time, come back. we loved to talk to you. >> you have a great holiday season! >> you too!
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thank you for having me on. >> we will talk to you later. >> interesting. it is. his left vein on the by accept, me in my early 20s. the vain has gone away for me! >> like everything else. >> gravity, it is some other place. back after this break with ,
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. this month, win a contest, click on the contest section and we will have the winner here on the 23rd.
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>> more on the radar? >> it is raining out there, more heavy rain manufacturing southwest to northeast. even though most of the state is covered, a lot more that will continue to most of our way. switching over, the understood watch for the afternoon, as far as the winter weather, the things will change before snow and ending. most of the snow is rain and the change over here is overnight. for the rest of the update here, we will go to the road with sharron -- good morning. the delay on the beltway. there is another look, the rain is not helping. there are the accidents, the traffic report is brought to you by dick's sporting good, back to the base camp. stay with us, maryland's news station. more traffic and weather coming up and the we,,,,,,,,,,
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